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Drying oven

RS series:
Micro-computer intelligent control, temperature control, timing, over-temperature alarm function; fan forced convection hot air circulation system; stainless steel liner/optional cold rolled steel plate; shelf space and shelf number can be adjustable; high-temperature resistant silicone for sealing the door safe and reliable;
Cost effective recommended for routine laboratory use.
Suitable for the major hospitals, medicine, biology, agriculture, research and other departments for drying, heating storage, heating, but not suitable for easy volatile, avoid to cause explosion.

Product introduction:
● Provide for the health, medicine, biology, agriculture, research and other departments, for storage, training, research use.

● Two kinds of controller types Microcomputer intelligent type and LCD display upgraded type.
● The shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel with environmental electrostatic spray treatment with nice overall color design suitable for all labs.
● With a large angle observation window, timer, over-temperature alarm function.
● Semicircular corners inner chamber is easy to clean.
● Two models material mirror stainless steel and ordinary cold-rolled stainless steel.
● Reasonable air cycle to make the temperature more uniform.
● High temperature resistant silicone for sealing the door, high-temperature heat pipes for the heating element to ensure safety and longer life.
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