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Viscometer   RDV-1T

RVDV-1T / RVDV-2T Series Touch screen Viscometer/ Viscosity Tester

Perfect integration of touch-screen technology, fast, accurate, easy to measure viscosity. Stepless debugging, can measure super high viscosity of the sample. 5-inch color touch screen can be comprehensive, visual display of a variety of parameters and working conditions. It has many advantages, such as many measuring parameters, rich display content, convenient operation, intuitive reading, high measuring precision, stable rotational speed, strong anti-interference performance, showing the curve of shear rate and viscosity, and so on. Main features:

1 adopt ARM technology, built-in Linux system. The operation interface is simple and clear, through the creation of test program and data analysis, the viscosity test is carried out quickly and conveniently.
2. the viscosity test value is accurate : each measuring range is automatically calibrated by a computer , the precision is high , and the error is small ;
3. display is rich: in addition to viscosity (dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity), there are also temperature, shear rate, shear stress, measurement value as a percentage of the full range value (graphic display, range overflow alarm, automatic scanning, Maximum measurement range, date, time and so on under current rotor speed combination. Show kinematic viscosity when density is known.
4. complete functions: timing measurement, self-built 30 groups of test programs, access to 30 groups of measurement data, real-time display of viscosity curves, printing data and curves;
5. front level: level adjustment is intuitionistic and convenient;
6. stepless speed regulation:

RV1T series: 0.3-100 rpm, a total of 998 rotational speeds

RV2T series: 0.1-200rpm, 2000 revolutions

7. showing the curve of shear rate versus viscosity : the range of shear rate can be set , and displayed on the computer in real time ;Curve of time – to – viscosity can also be displayed
    
8. optional Pt100 temperature probe: wide temperature range, ranging from -20 ℃ to 300 ℃, and measuring precision 0.1 ℃;
9. Optional accessories rich: R1 rotor, temperature sensor, viscometer special thermostat bath, thermostat cup, printer, standard viscosity sample(standard silicone oil), etc.;
The measurable range is very large, ranging from 100 to 320 million MPA.
Widely used in paint, paint, cosmetics, ink, pulp, food, oil, starch, solvent adhesive, latex, biochemical products and other high viscosity industries

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