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Viscometer   RDV-5S  /  RDV-8S 

Rotating viscometer


Widely used in all need to rapid determination of moisture in the industry, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, agriculture,
forestry and agricultural, dairy, food, paper making, etc used for determination of drugs, food, food, feed, resin, plastic, rubber,
oil, minerals, seeds, dehydrated vegetables, starch, tea, tobacco, graphite, paint, dyes and other items.



(1). The measurement data is directly displayed on the LCD panel without secondary calculation.

(2). Optional temperature probe, the real time measurement by testing the temperature of the sample.

(3). Automatic scanning, the instrument can automatically recommend the best combination of rotor and the rotating speed.

(4).Automatically display the selected combination can measure the rotational speed of rotor and the largest range of viscosity.

(5). Optional data processing software, real-time record viscosity, speed, rotational speed or the rotor (shear rate)follow the difference of the temperature changes.

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Easy operate

Fast and precise

Stable an Reliable

Lifelong service



LCD Display and High Acurracy

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The display accurancy of all viscosity measuring range is 0.01mPa.s.

Timing Measurement Fuction

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With timing measurement fuction, very useful for detecting non-Newtonian  liquid.

Humanized Design

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The level Adjustment design on the front of the viscometer, it is very convenient to adjust when sitting.

Double RS232 Interface Design

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With one RS232 interface to connect to micro printer, another RS232 interface to connect to computer to show the curve of the relationship between time and viscosity.


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RDV-5S Main Screen

RDV-8S Main Screen

Standby Interface

Test Interface

Scanning Interface

Timing Interface

Over Range Interface


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