Drying Oven Full

RS-P series:
Microcomputer intelligent PID control, precision LED display temperature control, timing, over-temperature alarm, RS 485 computer interface, mirror stainless steel inner, anti-acid, anti-corrosion; hot air circulation system and maintenance free.

Widely used for drying, sterilization, thermostatic storage, heat treatment and other fields.

Suitable for a higher temperature uniformity requirements user. The basis of laboratory research units supporting equipment, use recommended for intermediate and senior laboratory.

Product introduction:
  • Widely used in drying process, sterilization, thermostatic storage, heat treatment, other fields, the basis equipment of the laboratory and research units, but not for volatile, flammable, explosive and other items, in order to avoid to cause an explosion.

  • Precision LCD microcomputer intelligent PID control system, with temperature control, timing and over-temperature alarm, with RS485 computer interface.
  • With standard international brands cooling fan maintenance - free, durability. Perfect combination of duct design to ensure temperature uniformity for the working chamber. 
  • Mirror stainless steel inner, anti-acid, and anti-corrosion characteristics.

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