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Viscometer   RDV-5T  /  RDV-9T 

RVD-8T Rotational Viscometer


Touch Screen Rotational Viscometer with stylish and modern high

technology , which can measure the viscosity quickly and accurately.


Widely used in a variety of fluid which need to measure the viscosity and the fluid under high temperature melting,  such as the paints, coatings, cosmetics, inks, paper pulp, food, oil, starch, solvent-based glue, latex, and other biochemical products,  and some items need for high-temperature melting, such as asphalt, wax, hot melt adhesives, etc.


Main Features

1. It with 30pcs measuring progress, save 30pcs testing result data, which can help users get the Viscosity and related datas of the sample quickly and accurately.

2. 5 inch color touch-screen , which can show many specifications and working condition, make the operate more easier and intuitive.

3. Using ARM technology, built-in Linux system, user interface is simple and clear, through analysis program creating and testing data analysis, quickly and easily test the viscosity.

4. Viscosity test is accurate, each measuring range is computer self-calibration, high precision, and avoid error.

5. Display: viscosity, temperature, shear rate, shear stress, testing value full fill measuring value percentage, measuring range overflow alarm, auto-scan, the maximum measuring range of current combined rotors speed , date, time, and it can show kinematic viscosity at a known density situation, great to meet  users’ different requirements.

6. With timing Measurements function, and Temperature Probe Interface.

7. It can show the curve, printing data.

8. Prepositive level meter, level adjustment, easy and intuitive.

9. Optional accessories: Temperature probe, thermostatic water bath , thermostatic cups, printer, standard viscosity sample (standard silicone oil ), etc.

5 EN.jpg

Easy operate

Touch Screen

Fast and Precise

Lifelong service



5 Inch Full Color Touch Screen


Brand new user interface, enhanced control, real time trend display

Varius Display Information


Display: Viscosity cp; Temperature °C;

Dunamic viscosity mm/s²; Density g/cmⁿ3;

Torque %; Shear Rate / Shear Stress;

Rotating Speed / Rotor.

Internal Options


Timing measurement fuction programable QC upper and lower limit warning; Automatic measuring range displaying.

Double RS232 Interface Design


One RS232 interface can to connect to computer another one can conect to micro printer.


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